A Vendor’s Guide to Apple Valley Farmers Market

These days, people focus on supporting local small businesses, most notably by visiting the nearest Apple Valley Farmer’s Market. As healthy living became a rising trend, customers are now looking for affordable, farm-fresh produce as ingredients for their next meal prep. This is a wonderful way to improve overall lifestyle, and an Apple Valley market is also a great business opportunity.

If you are interested in selling goods at a farmer’s market for the first time, here are some essentials you need to consider.

What Products are you Selling?

Ensure that the products you plan to sell are allowed in the market you wish to partake. Some farmer’s markets might often limit the types of booths if they already have an established vendor for that particular product. 

What Permits do you Need?

Selling at a farmer’s market is not as simple as setting up a table, displaying your products, and waiting for customers. Depending on the food and the state you are in, you need to secure several permits or licenses to sell certain items.

These items may include the following:

  • Baked goods
  • Poultry (chicken and eggs)
  • Cheese and dairy
  • Non-edible plants and flowers
  • Alcohol, liquor
  • Fish

Business Registration and Insurance

You might be required to obtain or complete business registration before operating in a farmer’s market. Always check with the county if you need to secure and maintain a license to sell goods at an Apple Valley farmers market.

You should also consider carrying insurance, specifically General Liability insurance, since some markets might require it. You should also consider business personal property, product liability insurance, and damage to premises rented coverage.

Basic Supplies and Equipment

Markets often provide their vendors with basic equipment like foldable tables and chairs, but these alone may not be enough for your business. Always consider bringing additional supplies to effectively sell your goods at the farmers market, such as:

  • Signages and banners bearing your business name and logo
  • Additional tables, chairs, shelves, and storage containers for your products
  • Small placards to label your products, prices, and descriptions
  • A cash box, register, or mobile POS system
  • Packaging and bags for your sold goods. Better if they are eco-friendly and reusable
  • A canopy or tent to provide shade for your booth
  • A weighing scale

Find a Place to Sell your Products

After securing everything you need, including your business plan, permits and licenses, and accounting software, you must research and look for the nearest farmers market in Apple Valley.We recommend setting up in Town’s End Stillhouse. With high-visibility, advertising and marketing opportunities, permanent vendor spots, fully-fenced security, and booths equipped with electricity, you’ll have a fantastic market experience unlike any other. Visit their website to learn more.